Coaching für coaches


Client Collaboration

Have Tina work with one of your clients and discover her work and thinking processes.Whether you have hit a wall after working with a client for an extended period of time or you are just starting out with neurocentric training, this is a great opportunity to gain intimate insight into the coaching process.

Client Consultation

This format is great if you would like to talk through various clients and cases, discuss your thinking processes and get advice on how to pivot your thinking or what to do next. All you need are your case notes, videos, and learning mindset.


Review concepts, get practical application tips, and practice movement drills with an experienced professional. Valuable for those who are currently going through the Z-Health Performance curriculum, completed Neuroathletic Workshops, or the KRAFTLETICS™.


Are punch cards that allow you the flexibility to use your sessions as you see fit, whether that be for a client collaboration, consultation, tutoring or for a live session.


Abonnements will keep you accountable and on schedule for your development goals. Choose between a 6-month or 9-month plan with your choice of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls. You can also add on a monthly live session with other trainers (this is currently not available due to COVID-19).