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Commissioned speaking engagements and workshops are a great way to get a comprehensive look into the world of Neuroathletik training. Tina offers customized in-house workshops for trainers who work in professional sports, private training, and occupational health management. She was an invited speaker at such events as the Neuro-Athletic-Conference (2017), the Strength Matters Summit (2019), and the Functional Training Summit (2019, 2020) and is leading seminars and workshops by demand and as an instructor at Perform Better Institute. Tina has a professional, no bullshit yet compassionate approach to her work which she enjoys sharing with interested peoples and trainers alike. She likes to enrich her dynamic presentations with real life candid videos examples of her clients and sharing the practical challenges are essential to imparting an intimate understanding to her audience.

Examples of some of the topics she has covered are below:
“Integrating Applied Functional Neurology in Functional Group Training”
“The Neurology of Reflexive Stability as a Basis for Strength Development”
“Four weeks out – A Case Study on Ice Hockey Concussion Rehabilitation”
“What does Functional Training even mean? Functional Training Redefined”
“From CrossFit to Kraftletics: A Neurocentric Approach to Functional Group Training”

For inquiries and bookings please e-mail tina@bbxa.de